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Email: ningdeocean@gmail.com

Address: 3/F.,Building 6, Yihejiayuan No.10, Xue Lingzhi Road Dongqiao Development Zone, Ningde City, Fujian Province, China

About us

About us Master industrial Rainwear in China since many years ago, Ningde Ocean Co.,Ltd is above all a legend, that of a potential and reliable company which provides the best quality, latest designs, professional items and excellent products. In the following pages, our corporation invites you to discover our certain collections, from the traditional lines to the most updated designs, giving and enabling the highest quality standard with the art of safety and reliability. BUY DIRECT AND SAVE We own and operate certain manufacturing facilities in China. This enables you, our customer, to buy direct from the manufacturer and save. ALL ORDERS SHIPPED AS PER YOUR REQUEST We are responsive to your needs. Our multi million dollar inventory and team of sales service professionals are at your immediate disposal. SATISFIED GUARANTEE We guarantee complete satisfaction on every product sold. Youmust be satisfied when you buy from us.   Our Commitment to you We promise to make the place you go for the highest quality merchandise at the best possible price. But this is merely the beginning. We promise to be your "enabler". That means that eachperson should feel that we provide the means for their individual success. We promise to offer you support with swift service and an inventory Keyed to your needs. We promise to offer you a staff of knowledgable individuals who care for your safety needs and who share a commitment to excellence. We promise to provide you with products of the highest quality, informat...